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The AK Ligature is available for Bb Clarinet mouthpieces and is available in 2 sizes:

  • C1 – Standard Fit
    Fits most mouthpieces including the most popular models from Vandoren, D’Addario, Selmer Paris as well as all mouthpieces based on Zinner blanks, Babbitt blanks and many custom mouthpieces (Behn for example). Does not fit Crystal mouthpieces.
  • C2 – Crystal Fit
    This model is designed specifically for Pomarico Crystal mouthpieces including the Backun CG series mouthpieces.
    *all C2 models are engraved “C2” on the back of the lever cage (opposite side of the AK logo).

We are planning on saxophone models in the future so stay tuned!

All of our models are available in either Gold Plating or Rhodium Plating.

Why Rhodium?
Why not silver plating you might ask? The main reason is tarnish. Since most mouthpieces are made from hard rubber, silver plated ligatures can tarnish easily. So we opted instead for Rhodium plating as a better alternative. Rhodium is a member of the Platinum metal family and is one of the most rare precious metals. It is beautiful and durable that gives a clean look and an amazing feel.

Our ligatures are currently available from the following distributors:


Kessler & Sons Music – www.kesslerandsons.com


Backun Musical Services – www.backunmusical.com

Japan & South Korea

Dolce Musical Instruments Co., Ltd – www.dolce.co.jp


G24 – www.g24.no

If you are a music store or distributor interested in the AK Ligature? Drop an email to [email protected]!

All models include reed plates that are left as their raw finish material. This way customers can easily distinguish between the different plates based on the look of the plate (brass vs. solid silver for example).

AK Ligatures