December 8, 2015


ak-logo-trans-smallThe AK Ligature is the most advanced ligature on the market today! Designed to help players by providing them a new level of performance and stability, the AK Ligature will make your job easier!  Learning to use the ligature properly will help you maximize your performance and enjoyment of the product. So please take a moment to learn the proper usage of your new performance accessory!

Step 1:
Loosen the top screw so that the ligature can easily slide on to your mouthpiece to it’s playing position. Do this without a reed on the mouthpiece. Once you have the ligature in the position that you want it, tighten the top screw until it is snug. Do not over tighten the screw.

Step 2:
With ligature lever in the “open” position, slide in the reed of your choice. Holding the reed in place, tighten the reed plate screw until you feel it get a little snug. This adjustment helps set the ligature for the thickness of your desired reed as some models are thicker or thinner than other. Once you feel this screw get a very small amount of resistance, stop turning it. Do not over tighten the screw.

Please note, you should never fully unscrew the reed plate screw either. Doing so can lead to the spring sliding out of the ligature.

Step 3:
Now that you have your 2 screws setup to your mouthpiece and reed preference, all you need to do is flip down the ligature’s lever and play! The lever engages the reed plate to secure the reed. Any time that you need to change the reed, simply flip the lever open, slide the old reed out & slide the new reed in and close the lever. That’s it! Your ligature will stay in place and your new reed will seal perfectly each and every time!

Helpful Tip: Once your ligature is setup and playing, you can further adjust the precise tension on the reed by slightly tightening or lossening the reed plate screw while the lever is in the closed position.

Reed Plate Change (optional accessories)

New AK Ligatures will include a set of brass reed plates (4 Point Plate & 2 Rail Plate – both made from Brass). The plates are held in place with our integrated magnet.

Now available is our “Sterling Plate Kit” that includes a set of 2 solid sterling silver plates (4 point & 2 rail). These plates provide a broader and sweeter tone than the brass counterparts while maintaining the response characteristics of the original plates. These plates are identical in design to the brass plates so they interchange easily and quickly – and can even be changed out quickly without removing the ligature from your mouthpiece! No other ligature on the market offers this level of tonal customization and user variability.

Solid Sterling Silver Reed Plates - ClarinetSolid Sterling Silver Reed Plates - Clarinet, Back